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Montessori school differs from a traditional school environment, providing several benefits for your child. Here, your child learns in a collaborative and supportive environment where they are given an opportunity to foster independence and gain confidence in themselves.

Through our experience, Sapientia Montessori has seen many parents and their children benefit from these attributes of a Montessori preschool education.

1. Offers an Individualized Education

Something that sets Montessori schools apart is their personalized education. We understand that education is not one-size-fits-all. For this reason, Montessori schools offer a place for children to learn at their own pace and engage in activities that are most intriguing for them. This also fosters a sense of confidence for children to explore new things in a safe environment.

2. Emphasizes Hands-On and Lifelong Learning

Children in Montessori schools are encouraged to play with toys and crafts that engage the five senses. By finding something personally stimulating, students begin to cultivate a desire for learning, piquing their natural curiosity and self-directed education.

3. Creates Structure and Routine

Montessori classrooms give children an opportunity to enjoy their freedom within limits. Introducing structure and routine at a young age can influence self-discipline, self-control, motivation and concentration. It also creates a comfortable environment for children to grow and learn when they know exactly what is expected of them.

4. Enhances Conversational and Emotional Skills

Learning in a Montessori school isn't solely focused on academics — they also teach social and emotional skills as well. In most classes, children are not grouped by age but by their developmental stage. A mixed-age classroom can encourage younger children to watch their older peers and quickly catch up on conversational and emotional skills.

5. Supports a Natural Development

With their newfound desire for learning and finding answers to their questions, children can grow and develop skills in a way that feels most comfortable for them. All the aspects stated above influence a child's early development and will continue to influence them as they grow up.

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