Toddler Community

Toddlers: 'I am an Explorer'

Ages: 18 Months - 3 Years

Half Day: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Full Day: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm 
Early Arrival: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

The first three years of a human being’s life are the most important in their overall development and determine his/her overall potential for latter years. It’s during these years that intelligence, culture and language are defined, and in which the foundations of social patterns, personality and spiritual life are formed. During this period, the child’s physical development is significant and requires our highest care and attention. However, an even deeper development is taking place within the child: Toddlers possess an incredible need to explore their environments - every item and circumstance they come across, they must rush to, touch, feel, taste and experience through their senses.

Our toddler community is a nurturing and engaging extension of the child’s home environment, imparting a foundation about life’s key concepts, joy, comfort and safe exploration. Through a thorough understanding of the Montessori Method and the child’s stages of development, our school creates of a fully supportive environment around the child’s unique and stage-appropriate needs.

It is in our toddler environments that children are introduced to basic guidance in preparation for the upcoming Primary environment: Receiving a lesson, eating etiquette, toilet-training, working at a table, social grace and courtesy, among others. Children develop independence through practical life skills such as wiping a spill; putting on their shoes; carrying, pouring and arranging items; among many others.

The toddler community is the important foundation to make the transition into the Primary program simple.

Additional Information

The Montessori Method for Toddlers

One of the key principles of the Montessori Method is that children want help doing things for themselves. They want the guidance to explore and learn on their own. This desire is how we all ultimately gain independence and control over our own lives. If this desire is fostered in children, that sense of independence and willingness to get help in learning, growing and discovering for themselves can grow quickly. That’s a big part of what we foster in our toddler community.

Toddlers without the Montessori experience will often enter the primary environment with a lot to learn just to prepare themselves for primary learning tasks. Time lost in the learning process can accumulate over a child’s educational life, so those who are prepared to jump right into the primary environment due to their Montessori toddler daycare experience have a much better chance of being able to stay on track and excel.

One of the most important things an educational experience does is teach one how to learn. While the content of the lesson is important, integrating the tools needed to learn in the future is just as important, as it instills in the child a love of and a facility for learning. The toddler class is a great introduction to Montessori primary education, but is also a critical step in your child’s learning in its own right.

What’s the Difference? Montessori Daycare vs. Regular Daycare

Well, for one, an authentic Montessori is NOT a daycare – it is a school. Anyone can provide a Cedar Park daycare in TX. There’s no such thing as a Montessori school daycare – if you see one, you know it cannot be authentic. Cedar Park parents who have taken advantage of the Montessori program quickly see how Montessori provides a significant advantage over private daycare Cedar Park facilities. The difference between Montessori and daycare is that Montessori does more than just care for your child — we also nurture your child by encouraging his/her desire to explore.

When seeking child care in Cedar Park, TX, you have many options. After all, at a toddler age, won’t any Cedar Park daycare work? Aren’t children under three too young to appreciate an immersive, creative, educational environment?

In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. It is in these early years that the most learning takes place, and how children learn is most crucial. We are born with many more synaptic connections than we will carry to adulthood, and our brain determines the ones that will be kept and which will be discarded, primarily based upon which ones are used the most often.

For this reason, children learn faster, better and retain knowledge longer when taught at a young age than when they are older. This is why you need more than just a daycare, childcare or babysitter for your toddler during the day. To make the most out of early childhood development, you should look into a school, ideally an authentic Montessori school. Please know that there’s no such a thing as Montessori private daycare in Cedar Park, just like there’s no such thing as a private Montessori daycare in North Austin, TX. However for an authentic Montessori school come to us and see the difference between a standard daycare vs. Montessori toddler for yourself.