Parent Involvement

The Triple Partnership

The child’s learning process is a triple partnership between the child, the parent and the teacher (school) – there’s simply no way around it. Further, children learn primarily by example, more so than instructions, and they follow the role models set not only by their teachers and peers, but above all, by their parents. The parent is the first and most important teacher in the child’s life. Therefore, the school itself, no matter how inspirational, nurturing and educational, cannot do the job alone.

Our school, and an authentic Montessori classroom in general, is the very definition of a community. In it, children of different ages support, interact with and learn from each other, all according to their individual abilities and interests. For this community to thrive, for the lessons to yield proper fruition and for our children to reach their full potential however, the school learnings must be reinforced at home. For children to follow-through, the parent’s involvement in the Montessori school is not only recommended, but essential to the development of the child.

Opportunities to Participate

Our school also provides parents with various opportunities of involvement at the school throughout the year. From family, social and community events, to volunteer and service opportunities, to enrichment workshops, Sapientia Montessori School and Cedar Park Montessori School have an ideal activity to suit each parent’s interests and availability.
For more information about parent participation opportunities, please refer to our calendar of events or contact the Sapientia Montessori School administration at: (512) 260-2261 or