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Our Montessori Elementary School Program

  • 1st - 6th Grades
  • Hands-on learning
  • Attention to practical skills


  • Extended Day: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Full Day: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Why Sapientia Montessori?

AMI Certified

Family-Owned Since 1987

Trained Teachers & Staff


What to Expect From a Montessori Elementary School in Cedar Park, Tx

At Sapientia Montessori, we focus on the growth of the whole child, from informational to explorative education and the development of well-rounded physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Our curriculums for each age group focus specifically on their learning stages, needs and capabilities and seek to build upon previous skills and inclinations while continuing to provide building blocks for the future. With an educational, exploratory, encouraging and innovative environment, we stimulate every child uniquely to propel them closer to their potential. Here's what to expect from our private Montessori elementary school:

  • Trained teachers: We're not like other schools. Here at Sapientia Montessori, we use discovery and hands-on interaction to let your children learn in the way they need to. Our trained teachers provide experienced, specialized attentiveness and encouragement with our Montessori Method.
  • A stimulating, constructive environment: Like our environments for every age group, our Montessori elementary school in Cedar Park, is designed specifically for the interests and inquisitiveness of your first to sixth graders, providing them with exactly the hands-on materials, discovery tools, access to knowledge and skills they need to continue to grow and blossom.
  • Hands-on learning: Because we believe children flourish most strongly when given the opportunity to explore and discover in their own way, we include hands-on learning, experimentation and exploration along with informational instruction in our curriculum. Interactive, hands-on projects, trips and activities help your elementary schoolers quench their curiosity and develop their capabilities.
  • Attention to practical skills: Our nurturing, constructive and encouraging environment aims to develop every aspect of your child — not just their book knowledge. That's why we help them build their accountability, competency, and preparation for future success in school and their careers by teaching practical skills like responsibility, time management and more.
  • Development of social skills: As your children develop and mature, communication, cooperation and courtesy become even more crucial to their academic and personal success. Our Cedar Park Montessori elementary school programs help children develop and understand social skills like courtesy, empathy, teamwork and manners. We build your little people into the best future adults.
  • Encouragement of creativity: Elementary schoolers are inquisitive and curious by nature, and we work with those inclinations to develop your children's imagination and creative potential through the encouragement of discovery and hands-on exploration in each of our subject areas.
  • Cognitive stimulation: To develop your elementary schoolers to their full cognitive potential, we design our interactive curriculum to stimulate, challenge and engage our students according to their unique learning styles and stages. When kids are interested and engaged, they will continue to love learning.
  • Encouragement of emotional expression: By encouraging expression, communication and emotional identification, we encourage our students to live healthy, self-aware emotional lives.

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Montessori Elementary School

Elementary-aged children are generally characterized by their inquisitive minds, high creativity imagination, and a boundless need for discovery. Elementary-aged children want to expand their understanding beyond the simple and concrete; they want to use their imaginations – an extremely important tool of learning. Elementary students start questioning the world around them, with significant focus on nature and society – the fabric of our most fundamental concepts and needs.

Our montessori curriculum includes all the core subjects: Math, language, geography, geometry, sciences, history, sociology, government, art, music, foreign languages, among many others. Additional enrichment subjects such as culinary skills, specialized subjects, research projects, community service projects, field trips and such are also an integral part of the curriculum. Our children also develop appropriate accountability for their studies and work, record-keeping, time-management, responsible behavior and other important and healthy living habits.

Although our school’s high academic standards enable advanced learning, our Elementary curriculum meets State guidelines for each grade level.

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What to Look For In A Montessori Elementary School

Parents looking for a private Montessori elementary school in Cedar Park, or the surrounding areas should be seeking out an educational experience that considers the child’s whole development. A number of Cedar Park elementary schools in TX can give children a head start in specific areas, but for a complete development experience, you’ll want to consider Sapientia Montessori private elementary.

Younger children have many neural connections that they lose as they get older, making early childhood and elementary age groups an optimal time for learning. This is why Sapienta Montessori and Montessori private elementary in Cedar Park, TX has a stated mission of creating an environment that nurtures learning, ignites creativity, develops community, inspires joy and blossoms the whole child.

Cedar Park, TX children are looking for opportunities to learn and grow as soon as they are placed in an educational environment. That’s what we provide at Sapienta Montessori, and what makes us unique among elementary schools in Cedar Park, TX.

If there’s a subject that your student is likely to encounter in their academic life, we will almost certainly introduce it to them, just like any other Cedar Park elementary schools in TX and other traditional schools around the state would. However, we believe in a well-rounded education, and our students get much more than the basic academic program. The life skills they develop will serve them well as they move through Cedar Park elementary schools in TX, or wherever their educational path may take them. These are the types of skills which, the sooner your child learns, the sooner they will become habit, facilitating learning and work success throughout your child’s life.

One thing that’s important to remember for successful learning is that it’s necessary to instill a love of learning in the child at an early age. Students who merely receive facts and memorize them because they’ll be on the next test tend to be less inspired than children taught in a more dynamic way. They do exactly the amount of work they have to, and then stop learning as soon as there’s no pressure to continue.

Sapientia Montessori is the Montessori elementary school in Cedar Park that fosters that imagination, providing new experiences and opportunities for children to question the world around them, to seek out answers and find them through discovery and interaction within a nurturing learning environment.
By fostering a joy of learning, igniting creativity and making learning something students are eager to, and not forced to do, we lay the groundwork for them to succeed throughout life.

If you’re searching for a Round Rock Montessori elementary school, a private Montessori elementary in Georgetown, TX or a Montessori elementary in Cedar Park, we have what you’re looking for. We offer a complete early education for your child, and our elementary curriculum conforms to state guidelines for each grade level.

Hear From Parents

"We decided to trust the process, and my daughter attended Sapientia through 6th grade. I was anxious that the transition would be difficult after coming from the intimate and fairly sheltered environment of the Montessori classroom, but it was just the opposite. It quickly became apparent that her time at Sapientia not only gave her an excellent educational foundation, but also the quiet confidence in herself that she needed to not only navigate the change successfully but to blossom in the new environment." - Liana M

"We learned about the Montessori way of teaching after we realized that our son was just not enjoying going to our local pre-school. We did a lot of research and found many ‘Montessori’ schools in Austin. None were as intriguing as Sapientia Montessori." - Silvia B

"Our two boys have had a great experience at this school. The Montessori method of teaching is extremely effective and allows kids to move at their own pace. Highly recommended!" - Ryan P

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Private Montessori Elementary School in Cedar Park

Here at Sapientia Montessori, your children won't just learn — they will explore, discover, create, develop and thrive. Contact us to schedule a tour or apply today.

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