AMI Recognition


Sapientia Montessori is recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale, AMI - the highest level of Montessori recognition worldwide - and by its local affiliate, AMI-USA. In order to maintain such recognition, our schools must implement the authentic Montessori Method of Education and meet rigorous reviews and requirements.

It’s worth noting that Montessori is not a franchise and the usage of its name does not require a license or trademark. Montessori is a philosophy of education and anyone is free to use its methods or name. However, the only guarantee that a school actually implements the totality and authentic standards of the Montessori Method is through accreditation by an official accrediting body.

AMI schools and classrooms are unique in the mastery and comprehensiveness with which the concepts are imparted; the advancement, learning-rate and development of the children; and the levels of teacher training required.