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How Does Montessori Compare to Gentle Parenting?

Montessori-style parenting and gentle parenting share many of the same values, such as empathy and respect. The two styles can work together to create a nurturing, harmonious environment at home, but they are not the same.

What Is the Montessori Parenting Method?

Montessori-style parenting emphasizes teaching rather than punishing children. It encourages parents to understand the “why”...
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Montessori-Approved Activities in Cedar Park

Activities play a significant role in a child's development. Whether they engage in a fun or educational experience, children can explore and stimulate their senses while learning various valuable skills. Next time you're looking for fun Montessori activities in Cedar Park, consider our list of enriching activities for kids.

Outdoor Activities for Kids in Cedar Park

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The Montessori Method and Gentle Parenting

You make parenting choices every day, whether you're consciously imitating some of the approaches your own parents took or trying to avoid them. Montessori childhood education is all about fostering natural abilities and letting kids learn at their own pace. Gentle parenting at home can play a role in that. Learn more about this approach...
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Montessori Approach: Positive Discipline

The Montessori Method is a renowned educational philosophy that promotes a child-centric learning environment, emphasizing independence, exploration and respect for individuality. Central to this method is positive discipline, which seeks to foster self-discipline, emotional intelligence and intrinsic motivation in children. Positive discipline methods are employed in Montessori schools...
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