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AMI Montessori School in Williamson County, Texas

As a parent, you want to see your children thrive in every aspect. An AMI-accredited Montessori school offers your child the best headstart in education and life. We give them the caring, stimulating and encouraging environment they need to excel and grow.

Private Montessori School Programs Near Williamson County

Whether your child is beginning to sprout or already showing their petals, they'll have a place of love, inspiration, creativity and discovery. Our age-appropriate programs include:

  • Toddler CommunityEarly childhood is a critical developmental stage. Our toddler programs offer your sprout a hands-on approach to emotional expression, independence and practical life skills in a stimulating and supportive environment.
  • Primary CommunityPrimary programs help children transition from concrete tasks to abstract concept mastery. They provide the foundation for future success in core subjects like mathematics, language, art, geography, music and culture.
  • Elementary CommunityAs they delve further into core curricula, your children will also enjoy additional enrichment from research projects, community service and more. We encourage kids to develop imagination, accountability and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Summer CampSummer camp takes your children on an immersive and unique learning journey across major world subjects. Kids will love the dynamic, interactive activities, from experiments to splash-days.
  • After-School EnrichmentSome of the most significant growth happens after the bell rings. From puzzles or sewing, we'll provide exciting ways for kids to unearth their passions.

Williamson County Areas We Serve

At Sapientia Montessori, we strive to help children blossom. We proudly serve families throughout Williamson County, including:

  • Georgetown: From the Art Center to the Levy House, Georgetown is home to many cultural attractions and film sites. What better place for your "red poppies" to bloom?
  • LeanderWith award-winning school districts, it's easy to see why families call Leander home. Your children will have access to an Association Montessori International (AMI)-recognized education.
  • Round Rock: Featuring countless outdoor activities and historic sites, Round Rock is the perfect environment for fostering a passion for discovery, curiosity and learning.

What Makes Sapientia Montessori the Best Choice for School?

With Sapientia Montessori, you'll receive peace of mind knowing your children are getting the comprehensive, well-rounded academic experience they deserve. Families throughout Williamson County choose our private Montessori school for its unique benefits:

  • Family-owned: For over three decades, our family-owned schools have provided children with an individualized education to help them reach their fullest academic, developmental and social potential.
  • AMI recognition: The AMI and the AMI-USA recognize Sapientia Montessori's dedication to quality, integrity and authenticity with strict standards and professionally trained staff. AMI recognition is the highest achievable status.
  • Stimulating and constructive environment: We cater to every child's needs with age-appropriate activities and nurturing environments that stimulate their hearts, minds and desire to learn.
  • Social and practical education: Montessori schools take education beyond theoretical concepts — your children will get countless chances to interact with others and develop valuable life skills.

Help Your Child Blossom at a Montessori School Today

At Sapientia Montessori, we grow the whole child. Our programs give them the tools, knowledge, inspiration and encouragement to ignite creativity, develop a sense of community and nurture a love for learning. Contact us online today or schedule a tour to get started.