Programs Offered

Our school nurtures and educates children in the age groups of:

We comprehensively adhere to the methodology established by Dr. Montessori, backed by over a century of research. We meticulously tailor our programs and environments to the child’s age-specific stages of development and to each child’s individual needs. This approach provides each child with the self-tools, happiness, confidence, independence, creativity and love for learning that will accompany him/her throughout his/her life. More information about this approach follows below and in our Montessori 101 and Montessori Method sections.

Tailoring learning to the Stages of Development

Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that all individuals progress through consistent and scientifically-based stages (or planes) of development throughout their lives. These stages of development are most prominent and impressionable during our early childhood years, and at a very early age determine multiple aspects of our personalities and behavior that will remain with us for life.

Each stage of development has a specific set of characteristics and needs. Therefore, each stage also requires a unique learning approach suited to the child’s tendencies prominent during any particular stage. In turn, this requires the learning environments to be tailored and carefully balanced to address the child’s age and evolving needs.

Traditional or alternative methods that fail to understand these stages of development will default to a common approach. They may adapt their thematic subjects and levels to the age of the child however, it is in the application of a stage-tailored methodology that the key to learning and developmental success lie.