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About Sapientia Montessori School

Sapientia Montessori School is part of the largest and one of the oldest family of Montessori schools in Greater North Austin. Our other schools include the well-known Cedar Park Montessori (since 1997) and Pflugerville Montessori (since 1987), both of which enjoy a variety of community and educational accolades.

Our schools are recognized as a premier choice for Montessori, advanced preschool and elementary education in Central Texas. Our school nurtures children from 18Months - 6th Grade.

Montessori Age Groups at Sapientia:

Sapientia Montessori and its entire family of Montessori schools is AMI-Recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and by its US affiliate, AMI-USA - the world’s highest level of Montessori recognition. Many of our teachers also hold advanced degrees in child-related disciplines. Above all, however, our staff is carefully chosen with the highest regard for nurturing, personal and professional qualities.

For over three decades, our family of schools has established the highest standards for the care, development and education of the whole child. The integrity of our well-established socio-academic programs has helped children develop a love of learning and given rise to our school’s motto:

Nurture Learning…Inspire Joy…Ignite Creativity…Develop Community…Blossom the Whole Child into its Fullest Potential.

All of these qualities are as true today as they were when we first started.

School Hours

Open Monday-Friday: 7am -6pm

Sapientia Montessori School is open throughout the year.

Our Campus

The school is located in the heart of Cedar Park, a block away from FM 1431.We are also steps away from the 1890 Ranch shopping complex and the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

Our schools have served the communities of Northwest Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock and Pflugerville, since 1987.

Today, Sapientia Montessori School welcomes families from multiple thriving communities in Central Texas. Among some of these are:

Avery Ranch, Davis Spring, The Ranch at Brushy Creek, Cypress Creek, Blockhouse Creek, Grand Mesa, Crystal Falls, Millwood, Paradiso Villas, Silverado Ranch, Caballo Ranch, Creekview, Buttercup Creek (and the Westside Preserve at Buttercup Creek), The Preserve at Mayfield Ranch, Sendero Springs, Carriage Hills, Vista Oaks, the Cedar Park Town Center, Ridgewood, Jollyville, Canyon Creek and as far as Steiner Ranch – among others.

Address: 1220 Cottonwood Creek Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

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Sister Schools in Central Texas

Our other Cedar Park campus (Cedar Park Montessori School) is only a few minutes away, at 400 E. Whitestone Blvd. (FM 1431), next to Cedar Park’s post office.

Our Pflugerville campus - Pflugerville Montessori School - is located at: 2500 W. Pecan Street, Pflugerville, TX, 78660.

Additional Information: The Montessori Legacy

So what is Montessori? Where did the legacy itself come from, and where does the accreditation, which our family of schools enjoys, come from? It all starts with Maria Montessori, without whom such our private Montessori schools in Central TX wouldn’t be possible.

Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. Fortunately for the world of education, her mother came from a family where education was held in high esteem, and Maria became much highly educated than most Italian women at the time, with a passion for reading and learning instilled in her at an early age.

She grew up in Rome, possibly one of the most immersive educational environments at the time, with scores of books, museums and schools to foster her learning. Both precocious and undeterred by social norms, Maria entered an all-boys technical institute at 13 to study engineering, and later switched her focus to medicine, eventually graduating from medical school in 1896 as one of the first female doctors in Italy.

She began her practice in psychiatry, specifically child development, and quickly found existing methods of teaching children, especially those with learning challenges, to be wanting. In 1907, she opened her own childcare center and began to employ the new teaching methods which she had been painstakingly researching and testing for several years. Her new method, which involved engaging kids through unique lessons like puzzle solving and cooking, and which focused on nurturing the child’s natural desire to learn, quickly found huge success.

Within just a few years, Montessori schools and the Montessori method had achieved global acclaim as the right method for educating young minds.

Today, the goal of AMI (or Association Montessori Internationale), the international accrediting body of the authentic Montessori Method, is to maintain the educational ideas and standards first put forth by Maria Montessori in the myriad of Montessori schools all over the world today. Originally formed in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori herself in order to ensure that her work would continue beyond her own efforts, the AMI continues to bring her principles to children all over the world through AMI-accredited Montessori schools.

AMI-USA is the organization that upholds AMI standards for Montessori Schools in the United States, such as Sapientia Montessori, the Pflugerville Montessori School and Cedar Park Montessori. AMI functions include helping families and communities of AMI Montessori have a complete understanding of the educational principles employed, providing help and support to AMI Montessori schools, promoting the development of AMI teacher training for teachers in Montessori schools and substantiating the value of

AMI Montessori education with academic research, among other imperatives.
While the methods and principles of the Montessori education are standardized, no two Montessori schools are quite the same. Why? Because of the students. Because Montessori schools encourage students to follow their own path while developing the skills they need to succeed on their educational journey, each Montessori school has a unique learning environment, and Sapientia Montessori eagerly awaits the new students who will add to that ever-changing tapestry.

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