Primary Community

Primary: "Help it Myself"

Ages: 3-6 Years

Half Day: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Extended Day: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Full Day: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Early Arrival: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

Children in our Primary Program have a comprehensive curriculum, which evolves from very concrete tasks into abstract mastery of concepts, over a period of three years. It imparts children with a solid foundation on the core subjects which will be recurring across future learning years, such as: Mathematics, language, geography, science/botany/zoology, art, music, culture and social studies, among others.

In the Primary classroom and through the Montessori Method, lessons are individually introduced by the teacher. Progression, whether on the abstraction of a particular lesson or into other concepts, is based on the child’s understanding and readiness. The classroom environment is carefully prepared so as to promote creativity, expanded self-guided learning, independence and socialization, all with the clear observation and guidance by the teacher. The Montessori approach invites children to work at their own pace until the concepts are solidified and the work is completed fully and correctly.

The Importance of Kindergarten and the 3-Year Cycle

The Primary Montessori program is three years for a very valid reason. It is important that the child completes the Kindergarten year in order to gain the maximum benefit from the program. In understanding this 3-year cycle and how crucial the Montessori Kindergarten year is, please watch this video.

In Montessori, the child grows from the concrete-basic to the abstract-complex understandings through a carefully-designed multi-year process, which aligns with the child's scientific stages of development. the Kindergarten is the year when the child simply blossoms. This is the time when the learnings cement and fully manifest themselves - a magical year during which everything that the child has experienced in the initial years becomes internalized and reinforced. Kindergarten is also the year when children finally get to become the leaders and mentors in the class, an experience that will create life-long lasting benefits.

Additional Information

For an unparalleled learning experience, when it comes to private Montessori kindergarten in Cedar Park or Greater North Austin, our program is the number one choice. We are focused on providing your child with an authentic private Montessori kindergarten curriculum, in order to give your child the biggest head start possible on his/her learning journey.

Montessori preschool children in our Cedar Park primary program (ages three through six) have a wide and comprehensive curriculum for the fullest possible educational experience. It’s very rare to find this comprehensive field of study in the average private preschool Cedar Park has to offer. Unlike students in traditional schools, our students will find subjects and concepts that may be unfamiliar to their peers in future educational environments easy to recognize and grasp, giving them a big head start.

One of the challenges of a typical learning environment is that different children learn different things at different speeds. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s all part of the wonder of life and development that every brain is a little different from every other.

However, this can create a problem for educators without a clear plan, as they will want to keep faster learners engaged while not leaving other students behind. Children who are rushed to the next concept before they fully understand the first one will quickly become frustrated and give up, while those who have the concepts down and aren’t given new ideas to explore and discover may lose their passion for learning.

The Montessori program is designed to not only combat this issue, but also to embrace it and turn it to the students’ advantage. You’ll have a hard time finding even a private kindergarten in Cedar Park other than ours that offers that kind of preparation.

This is a complete program designed to lead your child well into the elementary school years and beyond. Of course, your child will benefit from any reasonable amount of time they spend in the program, but the program is designed with a clear 3-year progression, with simple lessons leading seamlessly into more abstract and complex ones.

It is so crucial that your child’s first learning experience be a positive one. The lessons in this program are specifically designed to destigmatize learning and encourage children to embrace the positive aspects of the education process. This includes discovering new things, finding the answers to questions on their own, letting their imagination work and sharing what they have learned with others.

A strong foundation of learning makes future learning easier, more fun and more productive. That’s what the Montessori preschool Cedar Park program provides. Every program, from preschool on up, is consistent with our mission to nurture learning, ignite creativity, develop community, inspire joy and blossom the whole child.

If you’re looking for a private Montessori preschool in Round Rock, a private Montessori preschool in North Austin or a Montessori preschool in Austin, TX in general, we’re here for you with a program that will give your children the tools they need to succeed in elementary school, high school, college and beyond. Contact us.