Holidays Montessori Style

The holidays are an exciting time of year for many children as they look forward to gifts and spending time with family, but it can also be difficult for some. Using the Montessori method, you can create a positive environment for your child this holiday season.

Why Your Child Might Feel Overwhelmed by the Holiday Season

It is not uncommon for children to face difficulties during the holidays. For example, if your child has sensory issues or is neurodiverse, they may have trouble with the change in routine or the music and lights that the holiday brings.

If your child has social anxiety, they may have a hard time with the increased pressure to socialize with friends and family during holiday parties and other events the season brings. Lastly, if your family has experienced the loss of a loved one or a pet, your child may feel their loss more acutely during the holiday season.

How to Help Your Child With a Busy Holiday Season Using Montessori Techniques

The Montessori technique teaches children about the world around them at their own pace, which can prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. You can use these techniques outside the classroom as you help your child create a more positive holiday environment this year:

Shift the Focus Away From Toys

Shifting the focus away from toys to activities such as cooking can put your child's festive energy to good use. For example, have a Montessori-inspired cooking lesson in which your children help you make dinner or bake a dessert for the whole family. Let them choose the recipe and measure or sort ingredients, mix everything together and get involved in other steps.

Pack for Holiday Parties

The hustling and bustling environments of holiday parties can easily overwhelm children. By packing a bag with coloring books, stuffed animals and other comfort items your child chooses, you can prevent tantrums through the Montessori method while giving them a few moments to relax with something they enjoy.

Why Montessori Is Helpful When Dealing With the Holiday Season

Montessori parenting methods reduce stress during the holiday season by enabling children to embrace new traditions in a less intrusive way. Instead of focusing on the more commercial aspect of the holiday, the Montessori method allows children to learn about other cultures and engage in more meaningful activities.

Another central pillar of the Montessori method is routines. Instead of feeling anxiety about what comes next in the day, sticking to a routine even in the holiday season helps Montessori children to feel less stress and more confidence in their daily activities.

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