How to Prepare Your Child for Montessori School

Montessori school offers a unique education for children, creating an environment with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. This personalized approach is world-renowned and scientifically based to help children find and focus on activities that pique their interest — something that isn't possible in a traditional school environment.

Especially if your toddler is entering a preschool program for the first time, it's essential to ease them into a classroom setting rather than having them jump right in when their program starts. To help make the transition easier, here are some of the top tips for preparing your kids for Montessori school.

1. Give Them Independence

In a Montessori school, children have ownership of the classroom, as self-directed behavior and resourcefulness are encouraged. Leading up to the school year, watch how your child can figure out a task on their own, such as picking out their own clothes or brushing their teeth without being asked. You can help them by starting small — like offering two shirts to choose from in the morning — and watch how quickly they can pick it up on their own.

2. Set a Routine

Be regular with activities throughout the day to help them get used to a daily routine. This could include having times for reading, playing, napping and eating at the same time every day. Once school starts, your child will already be used to this structure and feel comfortable in this environment.

3. Communicate Clearly

Montessori school encourages clear conversation between children and their teachers. Prepare your toddler for preschool by building their language skills through speaking in complete sentences and age-appropriate language. Some fun ways you can do this is by reading or singing together. Just be sure that all adults who will be around your child keep this language consistent — your child will pick up on it much faster and with less confusion.

4. Offer Them an Environment to Learn

Growing up encourages a world of life-long learning — even adults can learn something new every day. Getting your child ready for Montessori school can involve multi-sensory learning opportunities, from books to crafts to baking. Whatever you decide to do together, let your child set their own pace.

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