8 Activities for Children in Cedar Park, Tx

Activities play a significant role in a child's development. Whether they engage in a fun or educational experience, children can explore and stimulate their senses while learning various valuable skills. Next time you're looking for fun Montessori activities in Cedar Park, consider our list of enriching activities for kids.

Outdoor Activities for Kids in Cedar Park

Outdoor play is encouraged in Montessori learning and can greatly benefit a child's physical, cognitive and social development. From teaching fine motor skills to enabling play with other kids, outdoor activities can promote significant milestones in a child's education.

Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden showcases beautiful works from local artists — both pieces on annual rotation and permanent ones. This family-friendly park is an excellent place for kids to explore natural scenery combined with the beauty of art.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

The Brushy Creek Lake Park has an outstanding lake view and hiking trails. It has plenty of features for children to enjoy, including a bocce ball court, sand volleyball court and playground. You can also rent a kayak and go on the water.

Indoor Activities

While the vast outdoors offers many activities for kids in Austin, Texas, playing indoors is just as fun and beneficial. Additionally, you can still entertain the kids even when the weather is bad.

Inflatable Wonderland

Inflatable Wonderland allows children to jump, run, crawl and climb. All these activities are great for a child's physical development and health while being extremely fun.

Splash Shack

Splash Shack is an indoor water park for kids of all ages. It has various slides, tipping buckets and water wheels for endless water splashing. Children can partake in independent and free play.

Seasonal Activities

Some activities are best enjoyed in specific seasons, and Cedar Park has much to offer. You can find plenty of exciting things for kids to do throughout all seasons.

Pumpkin Express Train Ride

During fall, you can climb aboard the Pumpkin Express, which will take you and the kids to Bertram. When you arrive, you can spend 30 minutes picking out pumpkins from the Depot Pumpkin Patch.

Brushy Creek Splash Pad

The refreshing and fun Brushy Creek Splash Pad is open from May to August and only on weekends in September. If you're looking for a way to cool the kids down under the hot Texas sun, be sure to visit at those times.

Explore Learning Through Activities With Sapientia Montessori

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