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Private Montessori Education

When you’re a parent, nothing matters more than the needs and well-being of your child. From birth to graduation, you want your son or daughter to have the very best background, resources, skills, care and opportunities — so why not give them the opportunity to experience a world-class, one-of-a-kind education?

When you’re looking for a way to start your child off on the right foot, nothing is more important than proper care, attentive interaction, nurturing encouragement and a positive environment to learn, grow, discover and thrive. If what you want for your child’s future is a chance to be as creative, competent, cognitive and developed as possible, a Montessori school is the perfect fit — and when you’re searching for an AMI private Montessori school in Round Rock, TX, Sapientia Montessori is the setting for your child to flourish.

Private AMI Montessori School Programs: Round Rock, TX

When you want your children to be prepared and excited for the future, Sapientia Montessori offers all the resources to instill them with an imaginative, innovative, explorative and effective education. Here at our Round Rock Montessori school, we strive to uphold an environment focused on the encouragement, engagement and skills needed to grow the whole child — emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. Our programs for ages 18 months to 12 years include our:

  • Toddler Community: Offering your child attentive care in addition to early education and enrichment opportunities, our toddler programs are centered around a focus on nurturing this formative age.
  • Primary Community: Geared toward preparing your preschoolers and kindergarteners for a full education and full lives in the future, our primary school programs use the scientifically developed Montessori method in our hands-on, explorative curriculum. We want your kids to start with an early love for learning.
  • Elementary Community: Aiming to target the experimental, explorative and inquisitive side of this unique age, our elementary school programs offer a balance of engaging education and essential, hands-on learning to give your children both life skills and important knowledge.
  • Summer Camp: When you’re looking for further learning activities after school is out for the summer, our summer camp programs offer a variety of hands-on, dynamic activities and educational sessions across multiple world subjects.
  • After-School Enrichment: To encourage even more engagement and exploration, Sapientia Montessori offers your children the opportunity to participate in after-school enrichment programs with a focus on creative, challenging and exciting activities for learning.

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How to Decide If a Montessori School Is Right for Your Child

Do you want to offer your child the gift of education and a unique perspective on the world? When you want your little one to succeed in school and in life, equipping them with multi-disciplinary skills like self-awareness, inquisitiveness, imagination and exploration is essential from the youngest age. No school offers a comprehensive and creative curriculum as unique as a Montessori school.

Here at Sapientia Montessori, we grow the brain, body, personality and perspective of every child. We stimulate thought, offer engagement, encourage inquisitiveness and reward curiosity. These authentic tenets of the signature Montessori Method of education are what allow us to challenge your children to reach their fullest potential — from toddler to 12-year-old. With in-depth curricula designed for every unique age group, we address every child’s capabilities, needs and learning stages to stimulate development and exploration cognitively, emotionally and socially. Our Round Rock Montessori school stands out because of the following features:

  • Trained teachers: Even at the lowest age level, our Montessori teachers are specially trained and experienced in working with young children to optimize their growth, development and inquisitive natures. Our teachers know our specialized curricula and encourage discovery and hands-on interaction according to our philosophy.
  • Stimulating and constructive environment: Our environment is suited for every age group and equipped for every learning stage. Our programs provide interdisciplinary skills, discovery tools, hands-on material and information children at each level need to blossom and thrive in the world.
  • Hands-on learning: Nothing is more important to child development than the opportunity to discover, explore, and interact with their environments in the way in which they’re inclined. We believe in guiding children to flourish and reach their fullest potential — that’s why our Montessori Method encourages hands-on exploration, learning and experimentation in the form of projects, trips and experiences across age groups.
  • Practical skill development: Kids deserve to be prepared for the world in every way, which is why we focus on nurturing the development of essential life skills as attentively as providing an informational education. Your child will learn real-world skills like time-management, self-sufficiency, communication and competency to prepare them for bright futures.
  • Social skill development: In addition to developing their personal and cognitive skills, children need a strong base of social interaction and understanding from an early age. Here at our private Montessori school near Round Rock, TX, we emphasize compassion, courtesy, cooperation and communication in your children's interactions with each other, preparing them with strong foundations of a variety of interpersonal skills.
  • Creative encouragement: When it comes to growing the whole child, imagination and expression are just as important as information and skill development. In every age group, we encourage creative exploration and incorporate ways for your kids to express their imaginations.
  • Cognitive stimulation: At each learning stage, our curriculum aims to invigorate, stimulate and interest students through engagement and challenge. By developing their cognitive skills young, we prepare them for a lifelong love of learning.
  • Expressive and emotional encouragement: A self-aware individual is a well-rounded, emotionally healthy individual — and here at Sapientia Montessori, we focus on growing your children into these individuals by encouraging self-expression, emotional identification and fluid communication.

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What to Look for in a Round Rock Montessori School

Whenever you search for an authentic, interdisciplinary Montessori school in Round Rock or anywhere else, the institution's Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) accreditation is a marker of the school's standards, authenticity and dedication to implementing the Montessori Method of Education across its curricula. Like all our Sapientia Montessori locations, our Round Rock Montessori school abides by the most rigorous requirements, satisfies state requirements on each learning level, and is accredited by the AMI and its corresponding American institutions.

Our Round Rock, TX private Montessori school promises more than a comprehensive education — it ensures your children grow and blossom in an environment of ongoing motivation, inspiration, development and encouragement. Set up your child for a lifetime of success when you contact us to apply for admission or schedule a tour today.