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AMI Montessori School in Georgetown, Texas

When you're a parent, your children mean everything — and when you're preparing for their futures, it's never too early to want to give them everything. From their birth until their adolescence and throughout their lives, you want nothing but the best opportunities, tools, skills and resources for their futures. When it comes to preparing them for their lives and developing them into the best people possible, what could be more valuable than the best education?

When you want a head start on your kids' education and a way to point them in the proper direction in their lives, an educational setting offering the interaction, encouragement, care, stimulation and nurturing they need is crucial to their development and success. When it comes to a multidisciplinary education that offers your child everything they need to grow, excel and thrive, the Montessori school's Method of Education is unmatched. If you're looking for an accredited private Montessori school in Georgetown, TX, Sapientia Montessori will lay the groundwork and build upon your child's future through creative, social, emotional and cognitive development.


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AMI Private Montessori School Programs near Georgetown, TX

When you want your children to develop the mindset, motivation, skills and perspective to carry them through their lives, Sapientia Montessori is a fantastic place to start. Offering an innovative, comprehensive and caring curriculum designed to equip children with explorative, imaginative, effective skills, our educational, loving and nurturing educational programs nourish children's heart and mind. With curricula for toddlers to 12-year-olds, we grow the whole child. Programs include our:

  • Toddler Community: With a nurturing focus suited to this formative age, our toddler programs create an encouraging balance between childcare and early education and enrichment for every child.
  • Primary Community: Preparing your preschoolers and kindergarteners for both life and the next levels of their education, our primary school programs are centered around a hands-on, explorative curriculum.
  • Elementary Community: Focused on feeding the inquisitiveness of this experimental, explorative age group, our elementary school programs offer essential skill development, stimulating education and hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Summer Camp: For children who want to keep learning throughout the summer, our dynamic, educational summer camp programs provide your child with the opportunity for engaging activities, interaction and discovery across a variety of world subjects.
  • After-School Enrichment: The learning doesn't have to stop when school is over for the day — our after-school enrichment programs keep the education and engagement fresh with creative, challenging and stimulating activities after-hours.

How to Decide If a Montessori School Is Right for Your Child

Do you want to raise your child with an innovative, in-depth education and a unique, well-informed perspective on life? Starting your child on an early path to inquisitiveness, imagination and exploration is crucial to their success in future endeavors. Whatever your child's age, our Georgetown, TX AMI Montessori School can equip them with the encouragement, inspiration and essential skills to excel.

At Sapientia Montessori, we're invested in growing the whole child — emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. Our nurturing environment encourages imagination, rewards curiosity and engages interest across subjects. Through our scientifically developed Montessori Method of Education, we challenge and guide children to expand their capabilities, explore their perspectives and reach for their potential. Our curricula for every age and learning stage attend to children's unique needs and continue their educational journey. Our AMI private Montessori school near Georgetown, TX stands out with the following features:

  • Trained teachers: From toddlers through 12-year-old learning levels, our curriculum teachers are trained and experienced at the highest level to encourage discovery, optimize growth and lead hands-on developmental activities in our Montessori philosophy.
  • Stimulating and constructive environment: Offering something for every learning stage and age, our learning environment works with every child's unique needs, focusing on stimulating their development and building their education through interdisciplinary skills, discovery tools and hands-on activities.
  • Hands-on learning: Nothing is a more effective educational tool than giving children the opportunity to interact, explore and discover in their own way — that's why our Georgetown Montessori School encourages students to learn in the ways they love and understand. All of our curricula focus on hands-on exploration, education and experimentation through projects, trips and other educational experiences that encourage learning.
  • Development of practical skills: We believe educations expand beyond the theoretical — it's just as important that your children enter the world with interpersonal and practical skills they'll use throughout their lives. At our Georgetown Montessori school, we teach your children skills like time management, self-sufficiency, communication and competency.
  • Social skill development: Knowing how to positively and productively interact with their peers is essential to your children's futures. Our school offers a friendly and interactive learning environment where we teach your child compassion, communication and courtesy to last them a lifetime. Manners, empathy and teamwork are some of the skills your young one will gain from Sapientia Montessori.
  • Encouragement of creativity: At our Georgetown, TX Montessori school, we believe that imagination is just as important as knowledge — and we dedicate our curriculum to tying in and developing this invaluable skill. We build your child's imagination as well as their education.
  • Cognitive stimulation: Children should love learning from a young age, and that will only happen when they're engaged in a curriculum that interests, challenges, invigorates and stimulates their minds. Here at Sapientia Montessori, we encourage engagement and intellectual stimulation across every subject.
  • Encouragement of emotional expression: We consider ourselves responsible for developing every aspect of the child — including their emotional states. That's why we foster a loving, open environment where students are encouraged to express themselves, identify their emotions and communicate their thoughts. This focus on emotional fluency contributes to developing a well-rounded, self-aware individual in every child.

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What to Look for in a Georgetown Montessori School

When you're searching for an authentic Montessori school to send your child to in Georgetown or anywhere else, nothing speaks to a school's value more than an accreditation from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). This is a mark of the school's dedication to upholding Montessori standards and implementing the Montessori Method across its curricula. Like all our Sapientia Montessori schools, our Georgetown Montessori school adheres to state grade level standards, the most rigorous requirements, and the AMI accreditation, along with its American counterparts.

Here at Sapientia Montessori, we do more than educate your child — we offer them the motivation, encouragement, inspiration and tools to discover, grow and thrive throughout their lives. Contact us today to apply for admission or schedule a tour.