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The Montessori Method and Gentle Parenting

You make parenting choices every day, whether you're consciously imitating some of the approaches your own parents took or trying to avoid them. Montessori childhood education is all about fostering natural abilities and letting kids learn at their own pace. Gentle parenting at home can play a role in that. Learn more about this approach...
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8 Ways To Incorporate Montessori Learning Into Your Vacation

Helping kids learn on vacation is an excellent step in furthering your child's academic achievements and personal development. Children who feel encouraged to explore new places can develop independence and confidence. Parents can foster self-growth and encourage exploration at the child's pace by learning some tips for incorporating Montessori learning into their next trip.

What Is...

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Walking into a Montessori school is a unique experience. Why? Because the classroom structure of Montessori education is different from what most people have encountered. For example, you're probably familiar with schools grouping children by birth year. The Montessori method tends to deviate from that model and group children within a three-year age span. This...
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